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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A fitting tribute to my favorite chocoholic. Margs, I really wish you were here for this. You would have really had a blast. Five and a half pounds of chocolate will never be put to better use. You were fondly remembered, and will be greatly missed by all who were there. And there were a LOT of people there--you sure did pack a room. Two, actually. I just wish you were there to see it, and the room was packed for a very different reason.

Also, thank you to my brother Alex, Pete, John P., John W., Amelia, Miranda, Claire, Eugene, Becca and Gary for either helping out with the baking/chocolate making here, baking on their own, providing recipes, or bringing cakes all the way from NYC.

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  1. Igor

    That was a nice celebration of life yesterday. I sat down at one point and watched the slide show in its entirety. I realized and truely understand how lucky you both were to have each other, your character and strength are amazing my friend.