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Sunday, January 24, 2010

And now, for your 2K "highlights".

Boy, girl or PR?

Perfectly out of sync

Whoever said rowing wasn't a spectator sport?


  1. Farry8:05 AM

    "Boy, girl, or PR?"

    AWESOME. You're the best

  2. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Gotta love that quote...

    BUT I'd say the athletes would say it's not a spectator sport. With 500 meters left, the last thing they wanted to hear was the yelling of the audience

  3. I think that's quite the sweeping generalization. Each athlete is different, some may want an audience, some might not mind an audience, some hate it, and some are in way too much "discomfort" to notice.

    I personally always appreciated people cheering for me, and did the same for those who wanted it.

  4. Its not a matter of "yelling", but whatis being said,how it is said and that it is applied.

    I have "heard " that during Worlds, Crash B's and the Olympics you really dont have a choice for crowds go nuts from 600 meters out and then there is a surge in boat speed accross all six lanes.

  5. Ianni3:48 PM

    I named it PR. The delivery hurt like...but the reward was worth it! My mid-wife, Laine, was a big support as well...