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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today is the first day of rowing racing. With apologies to Silas, Kara, Mary, Zach, Ty and Mike, here's almost your entire US Rowing Olympic Team, in race action over the past quadrennium. Shot in Boston, Princeton and Chula Vista. They may look at the picture and smile, and remember a good race. Or they will cringe, and remember a disappointing one. But through all of that, they made it to London. It's a good reminder of how much work it took to get there. Image above are the first two A finalists for the USA, Sarah Zelenka and Sara Hendershot(click on it to see the rest of the gallery). Go USA!


  1. Cool collection. Go USA!

  2. Kristin1:35 PM

    We are all so lucky to have you chronicling this amazing journey - thanks Igor!!