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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Course record as a lightweight against a loaded heavyweight field. Well played Mr. Campbell.

I suppose that settling for being the only woman ever to do this course under 18:40 twice and reclaiming the title isn't so bad, either. Congratulations, Gevvie!

Last year, he was too sick too race. So he had to start 15th. Comeback complete for Jim McGaffigan.

And finally, after quite a few second place finishes, a win for John and Ernest and the gang.

And speaking of comebacks, defending your title after battling cancer for six months is pretty amazing, as are Linda and CB.

It's really not fair to leave Coach Stone out of the list of victors, so congratulations to Gregg! (As an aside, first time both he and Gevvie won at the same regatta? )

And last, and clearly not least (nor last), Greg's made a science out of winning this race, and crushing it with an 18:15 is unreal. As another aside, clearly CBC had a pretty good day at the races today. :)

The regatta definitely kicked off in style.

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