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Monday, May 25, 2015

Riverside lost a great man over the weekend

He's been a part of Riverside well before I showed up on this planet, and had that green Van Dusen since I was 7 years old.

He was always a sculler at heart

But could handle himself in a sweep boat

We made fun of his forays in the dark

But he was just smarter than the rest of us.

He always had a great story to tell

And was always quick to share a laugh with a friend

And, he never, ever took himself too seriously, even as he took Riverside very seriously indeed.

Even as he was fighting for his life

He still raced hard.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Thank you for sharing him with our striped family.

May your blades always be square, the water under your hull flat, your sunrises golden, and may you rest in peace, Jim Hanley. I will miss you terribly, my friend.


  1. Sally Olsen6:20 PM

    This is a beautiful tribute to Jim. Thank you for posting.

  2. Missing Jim. Peace to his family and friends.

  3. Missing Jim. Peace to his family and friends.

  4. Eileen11:49 PM

    Positively beautiful...left me speechless. Love you with all my heart Jim. I will miss you dearly.

  5. Brought me to tears at work. Such a lovely tribute. I'm sure the rest of the family will cherish this.

  6. A friend and leader for Riverside, an even better person and friend to those that knew him. He will be missed.

  7. I really can't imagine Riverside without Jim. Beautiful tribute Igor, you truly captured the Jim I knew while rowing for the blue & white.