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Sunday, September 06, 2015

For an unbiased news source, the headline should be obvious (see below), but I am most certainly not unbiased. Having been involved in her preparation for the 2012 "Regatta of Death" (aka Final Olympic Qualifying Regatta), I was incredibly thrilled to see Gevvie avoid that path on Friday. Obviously it would have been awesome if she got on the podium today, but medal or no medal, that was a fantastic race, and 4th in the world, in the single, in the qualifying year is amazing. Go Gevvie, go!

Now to the "other" headline. The US Women's eight just added a tenth chapter to their major championship streak. Having seen both Lauren and Meg work their way through Riverside before finding success on the national team level, the path to a seat in that boat was certainly not an easy one for them. So seeing their continued success is pretty awesome. Congratulations to both of them, and the rest of the US Women's Eight!

Finally, congratulations to the lightweight men's squad on qualifying both boats for Rio, a feat that has not been accomplished since 1999. Especially to Andrew(with Josh in the first photo), Will and Tony(1st and 3rd from the left in the second), who had experienced the regatta of death before, it's nice to know that their road to Rio will not take a Swiss detour or roadblock.

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