days left until the Charles Party!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sarah arrives escorted by her father (slight family resemblance and a slightly reluctant flower girl.

First kiss

Mr and Mrs Baker!

Vehicular delivery of the entire wedding party was a first. And it was awesome.

Mike couldn't resist crashing the first dance. Mike had actually coached at MIT my senior year. I discovered he had a twin brother when I rolled up to Head of the Connecticut one year and yelled "Hey Mike, how are you?" "Actually, I am Danny, you must be looking for my brother". Also, fun fact, I've raced against both of the at the Hyannis Sprint Triathlon, though not at the same time.

Dan and Sarah laughing about Mike's appearance on the dance floor.

I was convinced to join the MIT staff photo. In retrospect, I probably have spent enough time in an MIT launch this spring to qualify. Thank you, Amanda, for taking the photo.

The boatman photo. Background chosen by Joe Shea.

Oh yes, there was some dancing.

Bridal limo resting under the stars.

We did get Dan on the dance floor a few times.

"We threw a great party. High five!"

Amanda and Mason taking a gangsta break from photographing the wedding.

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