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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fun times this morning the U23 lightweight squad (and friends)

Also featuring our U23 Single, Emily

Molly is the U23 Lwt Single, you may recall her from her previous adventures in the LW4x and the Pierce family double.

U23 Lwt4x, with Janice, Emma, Makayla, and Anna with perfect bladework.

Kate and Sarah in the double (not 100% positive on lineup).

Abby playing the role of player-coach perfectly, sparring with Molly.

Molly wasn't the only Pierce in the basin.. Dad Jim stroked the CBC quad that sparred with the light 4x, also featuring fellow MIT alum Russ, and not one, but two Mansons (well, one is a Mazzio-Manson), Jay and Daisy.

Malcom presiding over the festivities.

Bonus shot of both U23 singles.

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