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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Crash-Bs 2010.

HOCR 2014
Joan and John Van Bloom wouldn't know me from a doorknob. And even as rowing photographer, I probably wouldn't randomly recognize them walking down the street. But I obviously know who they are, and have seen Joan put up times worthy of much younger competitors at multiple CRASH-Bs. However, and unfortunately, I AM very familiar with the disease that took Joan's life. The fact that she was able to race at HOCR two years after her diagnosis, and that she made it two years after being diagnosed with the most aggressive form of brain tumor is nothing short of amazing. It is, in fact, given all the statistics, probably more amazing than any of her rowing accomplishments, and that's saying quite a lot. So, rest it easy, Joan. It was a hell of a race. And, to John, I will pass on the words of wisdom given to me in early November, 2008, right after Margaret lost her fight. "It will be the worst year of your life. But it will get better."

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