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Sunday, August 23, 2015

It was clearly bring your own ringer day. Starting with soon to be married Olympic Champion Esther Lofgren.

2008 M8+ Olympian and Bronze Medallist Dan Walsh(4) and 2012 M8+ Olympian Will Miller(3).

2004 Olympic Double of Abdullah and Nuzum had a 11 year reunion.

Local legend Pete Morelli.

RBC and Dartmouth alums Muff and Dave who will soon have both rowed in the LM8+ and LM4x for the US.

And half of Dave's teammates from the 2015 lightweight eight. Not pictured, M4X Olympians Peter Graves(2012) and Sam Stitt (2012) and 2012 W2- Olympian Sara Hendershot who were featured yesterday, there were also few more US unis hiding under those Red Bull tanks, including Peter's brother Tom, Phil Henson and Nareg Guregian.

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