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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Men's open podium: Pavel Shurmei, Bartosz Zablocki and Angel Fournier Rodriguez. Might be the first time that the entire podium was composed of guys who've won the hammer before.

Olena Buryak snuck a peek at second place Georgie Rowe on her way to a seven second win in the women's open.

Erin added another her hammer to her collection, with her fastest CRASH-B time. (Photo credit: Alexis).

Don't forget to thank Dick and Peter for all the fun, guys.

New for this year was the inclusion relay. The partnership between US Olympian Anders Weiss and Brazilian Paralympian Rene Pereira was particularly cool.

Kyle Peabody and J. Heberlein took the win and awesome oversized wrench trophies in the inclusion relay.

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