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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Woke up really early today, thinking there would be a good sunrise. Got off the bike, peeked out the window, saw the crescent moon. Figured, maybe not so much of a sunrise, but the moon over the city would still be cool.

Still not seeing much of a sunrise, decided to play with double exposures in camera.. Took a wide angle shot of the city, then switched to a telephoto and zoomed in on the moon, and took the second shot. Camera combined them automatically. The clouds that were now starting to surround the moon added some "fog" to the photo.

Then it started to dawn on me that all those annoying clouds that are now obscuring the moon might lead to a pretty good sunrise. I'd say that was accurate.

Then, I am watching this flat, ice free water on fire, and I keep hoping someone rows by. The purples were kind of gone by then, but the gentlemen of CBC did eventually oblige. And how was your morning?

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