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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Congratulations to Mary on a commanding performance in the lightweight women's single. Biggest margin of the day, won all her races. A truly dominant performance. Shoutout to Hillary(see yesterday's post) for 3rd, spurred on by her great races in the heat that turned into a semifinal.
Also kudos to RBC Rookie Jen Sager for 5th in the same race.

Whenever I think of John Graves, I remember this morning at Craftsbury. The man truly loves this sport, and I am very happy to see him do well. Obvious shout out to our boy Kevin(see Tuesday's post), who capped his great start with a 5th place finish in the A-Final.

Kara Kohler is a very worthy winner, beating both the 2016 and 2017 single scullers to get a direct path to being the 2018 single. But... I'll be honest, I wouldn't get too comfortable in that seat.

Finishing third at an NSR with the kind of schedule Gevvie has is pretty amazing. Just wait till she has actual time to train.

Finally Jasper Liu is too new to the single for me to have a photo of him sculling, so here's a photo of him holding down seven seat in the Penn Lightweight Alumni eight at last year's HOCR. A very impressive race for someone so young.

Special mention to RBC Alum Peter Schmidt who did beat long time nemesis Hugh McAdam, and finished 2nd.

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