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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Because the story that goes along with this picture is pretty funny. And because Cam will heal and earn many beers by retelling it. Finally, I stole someone else picture from Facebook. The flow has been temporarily reversed.


  1. I love that I'm puny and weak, and Steve is looming and looking crazy... all overlaying the national team gear trading scene. Two best quotes of the encouneter:

    #1) Me: eeeeeeeeee!
    Steve: What was that?
    Me: I don't think I can tell you.

    #2) Steve: I think this is the most interesting place I've ever traded gear.

    perhaps more later... but I have to save some ammo for my own blog ;)

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Oh, were WAY TOO DRUGGED, those are nowhere NEAR the best quotes of that day.