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Friday, September 28, 2007

Who is this mystery sculler? (Cam, you can take that as a personal challenge. :)

Now that Cam figured it out, yes, indeed it was Michelle...


  1. Meeeesh Guerette? I think... and good banners this year a shame on my one year off from racing I won't be there to snag one.

  2. Damn, you my friend have a future in some career that identifies rowers by their profile. Or you can see if that PhD thing works out. Your choice, really.

  3. Haha, to be fair I cheated and used the profile of her riggers. I mean come on! Those carbon stay riggers... I was salivating!

    And this PhD thing.. yea they seem to think its going to take more than one year! WTF? Thankfully the grub and weather are acceptable.

  4. And I suppose she's a bit taller than Jen, and that pretty much covers all the women with carbon-tube Empachers on our little canal.

    I heard you found your way to the UT boathouse the other day. :)