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Saturday, August 18, 2007

If you leave the transition area on this bike:

And return to it on this one:

Then something is probably wrong:

(Note the lack of chain/lack of straightness of the rear dérailleur.
Oh Cameron, I feel your pain now more than ever.


  1. Oh yikes man. What happened to the bike?!? Or with that in mind... to your body? Hope all is well. I love the gift and miss all y'all already. Hugs and kisses.
    ~Cam Booth (RBC-South)

  2. Fortunately, the body is perfectly fine. The bike is fine (now). Basically somewhere in the last 3-4 miles of the bike leg, my chain exploded, and took the rear dérailleur with it. The Mavic dudes loaned me a bike, so I still finished the race, but it took quite a bit before they found me. 55th on the swim, 33rd on the run, 491st on the bike.

    It's good thing I haven't started rowing in the afternoons yet, or I'll realize that I don't have anyone to shoot the shit with at 4:30 anymore. :(

  3. how's the wheel? it didn't throw the derailleur into the spokes, did it? thank God for replaceable derailleur hangers, eh?

  4. Fortunately, the dérailleur got bent out, not in--it still had to be replaced, along with the hanger and the chain. The wheel seems to be ok. All things considered, better that than me or the frame. :)